sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2016

Teaching English through play time!

Welcome to the new school year.  Eurythmia are delighted to introduce the renewed English Team. The English Team consist of four efficient teachers that are currently implementing creative techniques that inspire joyful learning.

The English teachers communicate everyday using English sentence structures which aim to develop the child’s vocabulary and empower them to become literate English scholars. Careful preparations are put into the children’s learning environment with little activities that allow the children to be involved with what they are learning.  Little clever exercises are used in which children can learn how to speak without even realising that is what they are doing.  The teachers focus on movement in learning which means they learn through movement engaging in an environment that has been specifically prepared for them.

Treating the children with respect, grace and courtesy is very important to us; it is where the children get a foundation of social behaviours of the outside world.  Your child will be encouraged to express themselves and this will boost their confidence in speaking English.

We have great expectations for this Year!

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